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How to tell if that cool-looking vodka martini is really cool.

You may not be interested in infrared thermometers (I am), but you have to admit it's nifty to be able to point a little hand-held device at the cocktail pitcher and know in an instant that the drinks your host is pouring should be chilled... say...another five degrees.

Of course, people have more practical reasons to buy a Raytek noncontact infrared thermometer. Your auto mechanic might use a lightweight point-and-shoot infrared "pistol" to find hotspots in your car's radiator. Or an inline version might be mounted on the production line at a textile mill.

This cover story I wrote for Raytek that appeared in RSES Journal explains to professionals in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning field how they can save hours and weeks of inspection time by using infrared technology















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