The Writer's Touch

Web Content

John C. Harrison

A well-presented website capitalizes on the unique characteristics of Internet communications. Unlike print or broadcast, the Internet draws the reader into a dynamic relationship, heightening the reader's sense of being in the driver's seat and participating in a process.

An effective website is written in clear, simple language. It is easy to navigate -- that is, it keeps one jump ahead of the visitor by anticipating at each stage what the reader is going to want to know next. It avoids dumping information into long run-on pages, but rather, feeds material in manageable chunks. It makes it easy to know where to go next. The graphics are not only good looking, but functional. And it's fun.

As a web content writer, I work hand in glove with the designer while at the same time, making sure that any material published on the site is well-integrated with the client's strategic objectives.

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